About Marina

Hi, I’m Marina, a professional homeopath living on the Wirral peninsula in the North West of England. My family and I moved to Wirral after spending a few years in the Channel Islands. In these years, I was building a career in the finance industry, whilst raising my two children.  

I know first-hand how the demands of a full-time job and a busy family life can affect our health. Work deadlines, important business meetings, lack of sleep, low energy, and sick children can leave us feeling exhausted, stressed, and overwhelmed. If we live in a state of high stress for a long period of time, our body gets completely out of balance, and we start seeing symptoms of ill health on all levels: physical, mental, and emotional.

I was introduced to homeopathy in my teens, and it really helped to sort my chronic stomach pains out. After years of struggling, it was an amazing result. Since then, I have used homeopathy for other health problems, and it remains my medicine of choice.  

My interest in natural medicine really began to flourish after I had my first child. With numerous acute illnesses, he seemed to be constantly ill. I was not satisfied with regular prescriptions of antibiotics and steroid creams, as I wanted to understand why he kept getting these infections. What was causing eczema in his case? Conventional medicine did not give me the answers I needed, and it did not ever help solve the original cause.

I then started looking for natural ways to boost his immune system, and at that point rediscovered homeopathy. I got my first homeopathy book and first aid kit and started using them to treat minor illnesses in my family. I knew I wanted to learn more about this amazing form of medicine that seemed so complete.

Soon after we relocated to the UK, I enrolled on a professional course with the North West College of Homeopathy and never looked back.

I am very passionate about homeopathy and fascinated by its potential. Its philosophy, its wholeness, and deep understanding of health and disease excite me every day. Seeing how everything is connected in our body on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels, and, most importantly, understanding that there is a natural way to regain health, is empowering.

When I am not seeing my clients or reading homeopathy books, I enjoy taking a walk in the picturesque village of Parkgate admiring views over the Welsh mountains, eating regionally famous ice cream, and watching my son playing cricket. I am THAT mum that keeps offering Arnica to any injured players.

Having worked with people with a variety of health conditions, I have a particular interest in women’s health and helping professionals who juggle demanding jobs and strive for a healthy work-life balance.

I invite you to join me on this journey to better health and discover homeopathy for yourself.
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