Homeopathic travel kit.

A holiday is a special time we all look forward to, and the last thing you want to happen while you are away is for someone in your family to get ill.
Here, in the UK the holiday season is upon us, and it is time to get our homeopathic travel kits ready.

Homeopathy can provide fast relief to a lot of acute health problems.

Let us consider some situations that can happen during our travels, and homeopathic remedies that can help with them. My travel kit usually consists of homeopathic remedies, tissue salts and creams.

Travel anxiety and fear of flying.

Aconite: sudden and overwhelming fear of dying, accidents; intense panic attacks, and claustrophobic fears. The person is restless, hyperventilates, and can experience palpitations and faintness.
Argentum-nitricum: fears of being late, closed spaces, heights, dying. Anticipation anxiety. The person is nervous, impulsive and always hurried. Anxiety is often accompanied by diarrhoea and wind.
Gelsemium: anticipation anxiety and fear of losing control, open spaces, and new situations. The person needing this remedy feels paralyzed, heavy, and weak with trembling.

Earache on an airplane and swimmer’s ear.

Chamomilla: stitching, unbearable pain, the person is very irritable and doesn’t want to be touched.
Kali-muriaticum: a sensation of plugs in ears, cracking noises on blowing nose or swallowing; ears pop. Here you can give Kali-mur homeopathic remedy or tissue salt. If you or your child often gets earache on the plane, I recommend giving Kali-mur tissue salt for two days before flying, and then every half an hour to an hour during the flight in a bottle of water.

I cannot write about Kali-mur and not mention a swimmer’s ear, which all too often can happen on holiday after swimming. Trapped fluid causes pressure in the ear causing pain and affecting hearing. Kali-mur and Ferrum-phos tissue salts given frequently will help to relieve the pain.

Whilst, many remedies can be indicated for an ear infection, I should mention Mercurius sol, which is another good remedy for a swimmer’s ear infection. When Merc sol is needed, the pain may extend to the face and teeth and is worse at night from the warmth of the bed.

Motion sickness.

Cocculus: No. 1 remedy for motion sickness. Nausea from motion on a boat or car. Feels worse from moving about or looking at a moving object. Headache, dizziness, sweating, salivation, and exhaustion. The person feels better from lying down and worse from the open air; cannot tolerate the thought of food.
Tabacum: much salivation, icy coldness and sweat; very pale with nausea and dizziness. The person needing Tab would feel better from fresh cold air and abdomen uncovered, and worse from tobacco smoke and heat. There would be a classic grey-green complexion.
Petroleum: sea, air, or motion sickness, which is relieved by constant eating. Nausea with salivation.
Borax: anxiety and nausea by downward motion (lift, airplane, stairs, rocking, lying down). The person desires open air.

Jet lag.

General advice on prevention and treatment of jet lag includes avoidance of alcohol and caffeine (especially during long-haul flights as it causes dehydration and disturbs sleep patterns), and exposure to sunlight in the new destination.

Arnica: pain, bruising, and overall muscle soreness in overexertion. Feeling a little foggy-headed and “as if I have been beaten up”.
Cocculus: tiredness and weakness due to lack of sleep, insomnia despite the tiredness, dizziness and disorientation.
Coca: this remedy combines the effects of hypoxia and exhaustion. Tiredness, weakness, headache, and breathlessness at the slightest effort. Restless sleep.

Sunburn and sunstroke.
For sunburns, you can apply creams, ointments, or mother tincture diluted in water containing remedies such as Cantharis, Urtica, Calendula and Hypericum alongside an indicated remedy.

Utrica: burns with intense burning, itching and stinging. Worse from cold water and touch. Better from lying down still.
Canthathis: rawness, stinging, burning and itching; blisters. Relieved by cold water and rest.
Sol: this remedy can be useful for those who sunburn easily.

For sunstroke, consider the following remedies:
Belladonna: burning hot, dry skin with a throbbing headache, that is worse lying down. Pupils can be dilated.
Glonoine: this remedy would be indicated if the picture is more severe than Belladonna. The face may be purple and puffy. Pain worse from bending head backward. The person feels better from uncovering and being in the open air.

Tummy troubles.

Arsenicum: No. 1 food poisoning (especially meat; for poisoning from shellfish consider Lycopodium) remedy when diarrhoea and vomiting occur together. The person feels anxious, restless, weak with burning pains and thirst for small sips of water.
Nux-vomica: nausea and heartburn from over-indulgence in food and drink (No. 1 hungover remedy). Unable to vomit but better for it. Chilly and very irritable.
Ipepac: constant nausea and vomiting (but no relief from it), hiccoughs, increased saliva. This can be due to motion or the aftereffects of hot sun or overeating.
Carbo veg: flatulence and belching; stomach feels full and uncomfortable; worse from rich fatty foods.
Pulsatilla: nausea and distention from fatty foods; overeating ice cream. No thirst. Better in the fresh air.

Bites and stings.

Apis: for bee, wasp and jellyfish stings. Sore, red, sensitive, and swollen after bite. Better from cold applications.
Arnica: the affected part feels bruised and threatens to go septic; good for horsefly bites.
Cantharis: burning, stinging rash with intense redness, better for rubbing and worse for touch.
Ledum: wound feels numb and is cold, yet feels better when something cold is placed on it. No. 1 remedy for tick bites.

Injuries, cuts and grazes.

Arnica: No. 1 remedy for injuries, falls, blows and bruises.
Hypericum: crush injuries, especially involving fingers and toes.
Natrium sulph: specific remedy for a head injury and concussion.
Calendula: cream or tincture is a great remedy for cuts and grazes.

I hope now you are well equipped for your holidays. Bon voyage!

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